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posted on May 08, 2009 11:18
A MadisonCounty man in his 30s has a probable test for H1N1 infection, with samples sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmation. The man was not hospitalized and is recovering at home. He is a student at BYU Idaho.
This new probable report brings the statewide total to three probable H1N1 reports and one confirmed case. On Sunday, the CDC confirmed H1N1 infection in a KootenaiCounty woman in her 60s who had recently traveled to Texas. This week, two AdaCounty residents received probable reports, an infant girl and a teenage girl. Neither were hospitalized and both are recovering at home.
“Although it has started a little later in the year than usual, H1N1 influenza is behaving very similar to seasonal flu, which means we will probably see additional reports in the near future,” says Dr. Christine Hahn M.D., Idaho State Epidemiologist. “We continue to urge everyone to do their part to stop the spread of flu infection. That means staying informed and practicing good health hygiene, which includes washing your hands frequently and staying home when sick.”
With probable Idaho lab results, public health officials will work with the man and his healthcare provider for continued care, and implement strategies to reduce the chances of transmitting the virus to other people. If needed, immediate family members or close contacts also will be offered medications that can reduce the severity of possible illness and the probability of transmitting H1N1 infection to other people.
Public health officials also are working with BYU Idaho to monitor the situation and limit exposure.
Currently, the CDC does not recommend school closures for suspected or confirmed cases of H1N1.
Public Health Districts continue to investigate new reports of possible H1N1 infection throughout the state. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has Idaho information available on its website, that provides information about reports of influenza illnesses. The web site is updated daily with the most current lab results.
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