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posted on May 03, 2010 11:42


Idaho Medicaid Launches Website to Gather Savings Ideas
The Idaho Division of Medicaid is launching a new website to solicit public input to address a projected $247 million budget deficit for SFY 2011. The new site, , provides valuable information on the needed reductions and includes a short survey to gather savings’ ideas.
The 2010 Idaho Legislature directed Medicaid to negotiate pricing and service changes with Medicaid providers to meet the budget deficit. Medicaid is using regularly scheduled provider group meetings to solicit providers’ input to address reductions in their specific areas of service. Along with these regularly scheduled meetings, Medicaid also has scheduled several video conferences in May to expand public input in the areas of long-term care, developmental disabilities and mental health services.
“Meeting the deficit is going to be a challenge for all of us, so we want the process to be as open and transparent as possible for the public and our Medicaid community of providers,” says Leslie Clement, administrator of Idaho Medicaid. “We know we have some tough decisions to make and hope that an open and collaborative process will help us arrive with the best possible solutions. The alternative is cutting services, which none of us wants to do.”
On the new Medicaid savings website, you will find:
·         Provider meeting dates;
·         Current budget status for Idaho Medicaid;
·         Provider cost share of the Medicaid shortfall;
·         A copy of the 2010 Legislative direction for dealing with the budget deficit; and
·         Surveys for both Medicaid providers and the general public to gather input on cost savings ideas.
Idaho Medicaid officials are hoping to negotiate pricing reductions, changes in pricing methodologies, and service changes to realize the savings, preserving benefits as much as possible. Public input will be used by Medicaid to initiate policy changes beginning this summer through temporary rules which will be presented to the 2011 Legislature.