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posted on April 15, 2011 08:54
Healthwise, Incorporated’s President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Giuffré, of Boise, has been appointed to the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter for a four-year term. Giuffré brings more than 30 years of experience in patient engagement, health education, healthcare technology, and marketing from management positions held with Healthwise, WebMD, and three of Idaho’s seven public health districts.
Giuffré, who has a Masters of Public Health degree, began his career as Director of Health Education for South Central District Health in Twin Falls in 1977. He was chosen as District Director for North Central District Health in Lewiston in 1986, a position he held for seven years, followed by a two year stint as Central District Health Director in Boise, Idaho’s largest public health district. Jim worked four years for Healthwise before moving further west in 1999 to Portland, Oregon, serving as vice-president of WellMed, Inc., which was acquired by WebMD during his tenure. He returned to Healthwise in 2004.
At Healthwise, Giuffré leads the development and distribution of the newest generation of Healthwise consumer health information products and services. Under his direction, Healthwise integrates health content, decision-support tools, tailored messaging, and virtual coaching into health care at every moment of care and through every medium—to help people make better decisions with their doctors about treatments and behavior change.
“The Idaho Board of Health and Welfare has a vitally important responsibility to protect and promote the health and safety of all Idahoans,” says Giuffré. “I am passionate about the Board’s mission. My experience with and focus on public engagement—helping people take an active role in their health and health care—can contribute to making Idaho the best place to live, work, and be healthy.”
Each of the seven citizen members of the Board of Health and Welfare represents a different geographic region of the state. The Board serves as a rulemaking and advisory board that can adopt, amend, or repeal rules or standards for DHW.
(Editors: For an interview with Jim Giuffré, please contact Brenda Foster, Director of Corporate Communications for Healthwise at or 208-331-6963.)

News release distributed April 15, 2011. Media contact: DHW Public Information Officer Tom Shanahan, (208) 334-0668.