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posted on September 11, 2017 14:14

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will hold public hearings this month for two dockets and is accepting written comments on another. The list of meetings, locations, and links are provided in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin for September. More information can be found at:

DOCKET NO. 16-0104-1701 (NEW CHAPTER) -- EMS Account III Grants: The department is proposing this new chapter of rules to update the processes for EMS grant applications and other requirements for the approval of these grants.

DOCKET NO. 16-0204-1701 (CHAPTER REPEAL) -- EMS Account III Grants: This would repeal the old chapter. 

DOCKET NO. 16-0601-1702 -- Child and Family Services: This rulemaking aligns the requirements for Title IV-E funding for children in foster care with current CFR and federal law. A meeting has not been scheduled for this, but written public comments are being accepted until Sept. 27, 2017. 

Oral or written recommendations are accepted at meetings. Those who cannot attend a meeting can submit written recommendations and comments through the addresses provided for each docket.