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April 25, 2018

Child Care Reporting Requirements

Household changes happen - your family moves, someone gets a job, children attend daycare somewhere else, etc. In order to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of child care assistance, we must have current information from both the parents and the provider. Parents are expected to report the following changes to the Department within 10 days of when they know about the change:

•  A permanent change in income (including hours and rate of pay) for anyone in the family;

•  A permanent change in the number of hours parents are in activities that make them eligible for child care;

•  Any change to who is living in the home (moved out or in);

•  Change in address for the household or the child care provider;

•  When any child receiving child care assistance stops attending child care or is taken to a different child care provider; and

•  When the rate of child care being charged by the provider changes.

You may notify us of any of the above changes by contacting your local Health and Welfare office or the Treasure Valley Processing Center.