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Getting a Child Support Order

In Idaho, child support orders are signed by a judge and order a parent to pay child support and provide medical coverage, if it is available through an employer.

If you do not have a child support order, Child Support Services can help you through the legal process to get one.  To begin the process, Child Support Services sends you a letter requesting information from you and explaining what you must do. 

If you choose to hire a private attorney, notify Child Support Services

Determining a Child Support Amount
Child support amounts are set using Idaho Child Support Guidelines. The income of both parents, number of children each parent supports, cost of medical insurance premiums, and child tax credit are all considered in determining a child support amount.

Legal Costs of Getting a Child Support Order
Because getting a child support order involves attorneys and courts, Child Support Services must charge for legal services. The amount charged for the services is significantly less than hiring a private attorney. 

  • If the other parent does not contest the child support order, and a default order is obtained, you will be charged $270.
  • If you and the other parent agree to and sign the order, then it is not necessary to go to court, and you will be charged $450.
  • If Child Support Services’ attorneys must go to court, you will be charged $525.

In most cases, the parent who applied for Child Support Services is charged the legal fees to get a child support order. Child Support Services will ask the judge to order the non-custodial parent to pay the legal costs associated with getting the child support order.

Fees are Paid When Child Support is Paid
Child Support Services keeps 20 percent of each child support payment until the legal costs are paid. 

If you are the non-custodial parent who is ordered to pay legal fees, Child Support Services will work with you to make payment arrangements.

Contact Child Support Services:

Mail your Child Support payments:

Toll free: 1-800-356-9868
Boise area: 334-2479 
Fax: (855) 349-2408
e-mail Child Support Services

Idaho Child Support Receipting Services
P.O. Box 70008
Boise, Idaho  83707-0108