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Education and Training

The Idaho Immunization Program offers education and training opportunities to help school staff and childcare providers stay up-to-date on immunization requirements. To receive training on school or childcare immunization requirements or a training on using IRIS please Request a Training.  


» School Immunization Requirements Webinar (Recorded August 19, 2015)   pdf   pptx  [29 pages]

Provider Trainings and Resources

  School Immunization Requirements (8/19/15) - Learn about Idaho's school immunization requirements and utilizing IRIS. 

  School Immunization Report (10/8/15) - Learn how to complete a school immunization report.

   2015 Influenza Updates Webinar (11/18/15) - Dr. William Atkinson, MD, MPH, Associate Director for Immunization Education Immunization Action Coalition, discusses influenza updates for the 2015 season. 

2016 Childcare Immunization Requirements (1/20/16) - Learn about Idaho's childcare immunization requirements and utilizing IRIS.
  2015 Booster Shots Presentation (Recommended for medical providers)

 Reminder Recall (3/2/16) - Learn how the Reminder Recall feature can help run labels or letters for patients that are due or past due for immunizations.

 Manage Immunizations (3/2/16) - Learn how to view, manage, and add immunizations for patients.

 Creating Lists (3/2/16) - Learn how to create a list, organize records using lists, and run reports.