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posted on June 19, 2009 11:42
Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Recall
There is a recall of all raw Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie and brownie dough because of possible E. coli O157:H7 contamination, a bacteria that causes foodborne illnesses. There have been reports of 66 infections in 28 states since March, but  Idaho has not had any of the reported illnesses. However, we should assume some of the product was distributed in Idaho. People are advised to throw the cookie dough out or to return the product to the store for a refund.
We do not recommend people bake any of the product. Baking at proper temperature would kill any bacteria, however, handling the raw dough could contaminate your hands, cooking surfaces and utensils. This could spread any possible bacteria to other foods. It is just safer to dispose of the product or return it to the store.
This is a good reminder for you and your children not to eat raw food products intended for cooking or baking before consumption, and to thoroughly clean utensils and cooking surfaces following preparation. You can find helpful safe food handling information on the web at
Consumers who have additional questions about these products should contact Nestle consumer services at 1-800-559-5025 and/or visit their Web site at