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Non-Long Term Care (Consumers' Page)

The Non-Long Term Care program provides oversight of the state licensed and/or federally certified (CMS) provider community within Idaho.  This community includes ambulatory surgery centers, end stage renal disease (dialysis) centers, home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, outpatient physical therapy/speech pathology centers, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and rural health clinics.

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Provider Lists & Survey Results

State Licensed-Only Providers

Federal Certification and State Licensure Providers

Non-Long Term Care Training Modules

Training Modules have been designed to assist with the application and understanding of the processes necessary for the provider group to assess, develop, implement, and evaluate aspects of the regulatory requirements relating to the type of provider and population served.

Contact information

Mailing Address:
Bureau of Facility Standards
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0009
Physical Address:
3232 W. Elder Street
Boise, ID 83705


Office Phone: 
(208) 334-6626 then Option 4
Fax Number:  
(208) 364-1888

CNA Hotline: 
(800) 748-2480
Home Health Hotline: 
(800) 345-1453


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