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Access to Recovery -III (ATR-III) is a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHSA) funded grant to provide substance abuse services to specific identified client populations. The purpose of this grant is to increase access to substance abuse services with an emphasis on a client centered approach and client choice in treatment services and planning.
ATR includes both treatment and recovery support services (RSS) to endure long-term recovery from drug and alcohol issues. RSS services are crucial to individuals to achieve and maintain progress made in treatment and to provide the extra support that they may need. The client will be issued vouchers to purchase approved ATR funded services.  

ATR Service Principles

  • Clients will have a choice of assessment, treatment, and recovery support providers which will be documented throughout client's ATR episode. This will enhance the client's commitment to the treatment and recovery process.
  • Clients will be active participants in choosing the types of services that they receive as well as the levels of care. 
  • The utilization of recovery support services will be encouraged to ensure that the client can achieve and maintain success in treatment and recovery. 
  • Client participation in the planning of services is crucial for success with clients in the criminal justice system.
  • Continuity of care is essential for clients with substance use disorders re-entering the community.
  • ATR focuses on serving clients that would not otherwise be served through other funding sources and attempt to fill identified gaps in treatment.

ATR Populations

  • The ATR grant will be serving 3 different populations including adult misdemeanants, adolescents re-entering the community from either a state run correctional and/or residential facility or county detention facilities, and Idaho National Guardsmen and women as well as military reserve members and veterans of all branches.
  • There will be a total of 4,502 clients served through the ATR grant over the course of 4 years.