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Monday, March 02, 2009
  • To provide for the coordination and exchange of information on all regional programs relating to alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • To act as a regional liaison among organizations and departments engaged in activities affecting alcoholics and intoxicated persons.
  • To provide information pertaining to regional and local substance abuse program needs and other information as it pertains to the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and other drug addiction.
  • To advise the Department of Health & Welfare in matters relating to the provision and coordination of regional services for alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • To advise the Department of Health & Welfare with regard to regional program priorities and local prevention and treatment needs.
  • To contribute local substance abuse prevention and treatment information to quarterly reports submitted to the Interagency Committee on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment. 
Members are appointed by the Regional Director of DHW. They represent appropriate public and private agencies, including substance abuse service providers, schools, criminal justice organizations, concerned citizens, and consumers of treatment and prevention services -- with representatives from each county of the Region, when possible. 
Committee meetings must be held at least once each quarter.
Each RAC has a half-time Department of Health and Welfare Community Resource Development Specialist (CRDS) assigned to it to assist in meeting its purpose.