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TO:                         Dentists providing care to residents IN INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITYS FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED (ICFs/MR)


FROM:                  PAUL SWATSENBARG, Deputy Administrator

                                Division of Medicaid


Effective April 1, 2002, Legislative intent limited Medicaid dental coverage for adults to emergency services.  However, ICF/MR facilities are required by federal law to provide preventive and routine dental services to all residents. Federal ICF/MR regulations at 42 CFR §483.460(e) through (h) require both diagnostic and treatment dental services by facilities, including "restoration of teeth and maintenance of dental health." Therefore, despite the Legislative intent, comprehensive dental services are still a necessary cost of ICF/MR services.


Additionally, Legislative intent  requires a freeze on daily and special ICF/MR rates through June 2002.  Although Medicaid’s automated claims system is unable to directly reimburse dentists who provide non-emergency adult dental services to ICF/MR residents between April and June 2002, these costs will be recognized through the current prospective payment system to ICF/MR facilities.


The following process will enable dentists to bill for covered services while recognizing costs federally required to be incurred by ICFs/MR:


·         Dentists who provide services to ICF/MR residents will continue to bill Medicaid using the existing claims processing system.

·         Medicaid’s claims processing system will process payment for emergency adult dental services and dental services to children. The system will deny payment for non-emergency adult dental care. 

·         Dentists will bill the denied services for non-emergency dental care, using the existing billing requirements, to the appropriate ICF/MR facility. 

·         ICF/MR facilities will pay dentists for the non-emergency adult dental services according to the existing Medicaid fee schedule (see attached and for future reference, consult the on-line pricing file at


Medicaid will work with dental providers and ICF/MR facilities to make this process as efficient as possible. For dental claims denied by Medicaid for ICF/MR residents’ non-emergency services beginning April 1, 2002, please send these claims to the appropriate ICF/MR facility.  Should you have questions or would like clarification regarding this information release, please contact Colleen Osborn at 208-334-5795, ext. 16.




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