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Licensing & Certification (Providers' Page)

The Division of Licensing & Certification licenses and inspects healthcare facilities and agencies including hospitals, nursing homes, rural health clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, renal dialysis centers, residential care/assisted living facilities, developmental disabilities agencies, and residential habilitation agencies.  Periodic inspections ensure Idaho citizens receive safe, high quality care. The Division manages the certification program for certified family homes. 

These web pages offer information on overviews, application process, regulatory requirements, best practices, educational resources, and links relating to specific groups of providers.  The information serves as a means for communicating changes related to the provider community.  In most cases, the information centers on operation and management of a facility/agency rather than on a person.  There are multiple types of providers with two primary groups:

State & Federal Programs (Federally Certified and/or State Licensed Providers)
- includes: ambulatory surgery centers, end stage renal disease centers, home health agencies, hospice agencies, hospitals, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, outpatient physical therapy/speech pathology, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and rural health clinics.  Certification for this provider group refers to certification by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).

State-Only Programs (State Licensed/Certified Providers)
- includes: certified family homes, developmental disabilities agencies/residential habilitation agencies, children's residential licensing, and residential care/assisted living facilities.  Certification refers to certification by the state to operate a specific type of facility/agency.

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State Licensed-Only Providers

Federal Certification and State Licensure Providers



Licensing & Certification:
(208) 364-1959
State-Only Programs:    

Certified Family Homes   

(208) 334-0711


(208) 364-1959

Children's Residential Licensing 

(208) 364-1900

Residential Care/Assisted Living

(208) 364-1962

State & Federal Programs:  

Bureau of Facility Standards-Administration
 (208) 334-6626
      Option 5 
Fire Life Safety & Construction
      Option 3
Nursing Homes       Option 2
All Other Provider Types       Option 4
 For all Licensing & Certification Programs:
 Mailing Address:            

<Program title>
PO Box 83720        
Boise, ID 83720-0009

 Physical Address:

3232 Elder Street
Boise ID 83705 


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