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Welcome to the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare's
Support Broker Training!

Welcome to the My Voice, My Choice training program. My Voice, My Choice is a Self-Directed Support System that adults with developmental disabilities can now choose in Idaho. As you journey through this course, you will learn about several key concepts behind the My Voice, My Choice program option. You will learn about Self-Determination, the Philosophical Shift that is occurring from traditional supports to a self-directed model, Person-Centered Planning, and the Ethics and Professionalism required as a successful Support Broker.

To your left you will see a menu of options starting with Home. We encourage you to take a look at each of these options before you begin. This sidebar will provide you with the essentials of the training and all system requirements needed prior to starting your course work. The Computer Instructions page will give you the necessary links and information to ensure that this curriculum runs as intended. It also provides contact information if you should have any technical difficulties or questions. Meet the Trainers will introduce you to the various people who will be talking about and demonstrating the various concepts and ideas presented in this curriculum. These trainers are among those who you will serve. Listen well and enjoy hearing their perspectives on Self-Determination and other topics. The Readings page has a list of all the required reading for each module of the curriculum. You may use it as a quick reference to find an article you liked or would like to read again, or as a list to print out all the articles for your resource library. The last element of the side bar is Activities. This link will provide a list of all the activities found in this curriculum. We encourage you to print out the activities before you begin each section and complete them entirely whenever you are given the opportunity. Activities are by their very nature, one of the most active parts of what you will be doing in this course; they will help to instill the various elements of each module as you are asked to do what you have been learning. We recommend that you compile these blank forms and the completed activities into a resource binder for use with your future employers. They may ask to see what you have done and how you have responded in the activities in order to learn more about you.

This course is divided into six modules:

graphic Module A - Self-Determination
graphic Module B - Roles and Responsibilities
graphic Module C - Person-Centered Planning
graphic Module D - Skill Set Needed as a Support Broker
graphic Module E - Ethics and Professionalism
graphic Module F - Resources

Each module is broken down into key components or sections. After a brief introduction to the topic, you will review the section objectives. The modules are all a bit different, but in most sections, you will be asked to read articles from national experts, watch videos of Idahoans discussing their experiences with Self-Determination and complete activities. To help you, there is a navigation menu at the top of each section with icons that can help you navigate quickly through the course. You can click on any icon and move to that area of the section.




Once you have completed all of the course work in each section, you will take a quiz. The quiz can include questions about readings and videos, or it may ask you to read a scenario and answer questions using concepts you learned from the section. You need to print the scenarios, quiz questions, and potential answers for review in order to take the quiz. Read quiz directions carefully! You do not type the answer (A, B, C, D, E), rather you highlight the correct letter with your cursor and click on it.

A score of at least 80% (four correct out of five) is expected for you to move on to the next section.

At the end of each section, there is a list of resources which include additional readings or links that you can read, print, or save for future reference. You will not be quizzed on these readings.

The last module, Module F: Resources, is unique. It does not have the component parts found above, but rather is a list of resources for your benefit as a Support Broker. We hope that it will help as you strive to serve your various employers.

Enjoy the course and thank you for your participation in the My Voice, My Choice training program!!

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