Long-Term Care Provider Resources

Health and Welfare has made available an array of forms, documents and online resources that help Long-Term Care Providers stay informed and effective in their work. 

Policies, procedures, and forms
External resources
Provider listings: regional contacts

For services including Personal Assistance Agencies, Personal, Emergency Response System, Home Delivered Meals, Residential Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Health, Environmental Accessibility Adaption, Non-Medical Transportation, Supported Employment.

Provider Listings: Regional Contacts

The main phone number for all regional offices is 1-877-799-4430

Name Title Regions Phone Number Email address
Kristopher King QA Specialist 1,2,4 208-287-1174 Kristopher.king @dhw.idaho.gov
Zachary Armstrong QA Specialist 3,4 208-455-7118


Robin Butrick QA Specialist 5 208-364-1968 Robin.Butrick@dhw.idaho.gov
Paula Naegele QA Specialist 6,7 208-239-6274 Paula.Naegele@dhw.idaho.gov
Chris Barrott QA Manager Statewide   Chris.Barrott@dhw.idaho.gov
Lorrie Dalton QA Coordinator Statewide 208-455-7152 Lorrie.Dalton@dhw.idaho.gov