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Immunization recommendations and requirements are constantly changing. New vaccines are developed, vaccine recommendations are revised, vaccine shortages occur, new immunization tools are created to improve provider practices, and the school and childcare immunization requirements are updated. The Idaho Immunization Program offers education and training opportunities to help healthcare providers, schools, and childcare facilities stay up-to-date on this important information.

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Provider training and resources

2018 I-PIE webinars

2018 Idaho Pneumococcal Update with JoEllen Wolicki (11/13/18) - Information regarding Pneumococcal disease and Pneumococcal vaccines. 

I-PIE 2018-2019 Influenza Update with Dr. Kroger (09/28/18) - Information regarding the 2018-2019 influenza season

I-PIE Pertussis Webinar (08/14/18) - Information regarding trends in pertussis incidence in Idaho

I-PIE Adult Vaccination Update with Dr. Kroger (04/24/18) - Information regarding updates to adult vaccination recommendations

I-PIE Re-enrollment in IRIS (05/23/18) - Information regarding re-enrollment online through IRIS

I-PIE Maternal Influenza Vaccination (04/06/18) - Information regarding protecting moms and newborns

IRIS videos

 Adding Immunizations (8/15/2016) - How to add immunizations to a record.

Electronic Data Exchange (8/15/2016) - Manually uploading HL7 files into IRIS and reviewing the status screen.

Manage Immunizations (3/2/2016) - Learn how to view and manage immunizations for patients.

Reminder Recall (3/2/2016) - Learn how the Reminder Recall feature can help run labels or letters for patients that are due or past due for immunizations.