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posted on June 06, 2018 09:29

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will hold public hearings this month for five dockets. The list of meetings, locations and links are provided in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin for June 6, 2018. More information can be found at:

Docket 16-0309-1801 – Medicaid Basic Plan Benefits, Swing Bed Rules: The purpose of the changes being proposed is to update and revise rules for swing bed limitations and administratively necessary days to address patient needs.

Docket 16-0310-1802 – Medicaid Enhanced Plan Benefits, Idaho Home Choice: The purpose of the proposed change is to add Transition Management and Transition Service benefits to the Aged and Disabled (A&D) Waiver Section as well as the Adult Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver Section of IDAPA for the Idaho Home Choice grant.

Docket 16-0310-1803 – Medicaid Special Rates for Ventilator and Tracheostomy: The Division of Medicaid is interested in stakeholder feedback regarding the implementation of predetermined Special Rates in nursing facilities for residents receiving tracheostomy care and ventilator-dependent residents.

Docket 16-0310-1804 – Medicaid Organ Transplants: The purpose of the changes being proposed is to update and revise rules for organ transplants.

Docket 16-0314-1801 – Updates to Licensing Standards for Hospitals in Idaho: The department is proposing changes to the licensing standards related to the use of restraints and seclusion in Idaho hospitals and is holding negotiated rulemaking on proposed changes to this chapter to solicit input from all stakeholders and the general public regarding the proposed changes.

Oral or written recommendations are accepted at meetings. Those who cannot attend a meeting can submit written recommendations and comments through the addresses provided for each docket.