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Special edition of Idaho Administrative Bulletin is now available

The Idaho administrative rules identified for reauthorization have been published in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin. The index for Department of Health and Welfare rules begins on page 11. DHW rules begin on page 1900.

Under the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act, all administrative rules automatically sunset on July 1 unless extended by the Idaho Legislature. The Legislature traditionally passes a “going-home” bill that extends all administrative rules until July 1 of the subsequent year. This is the first year the Legislature did not pass the “going-home” bill. As a result, all rules are scheduled to expire on July 1, 2019.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little tasked his administration with reauthorizing necessary rules as “temporary and proposed” rules effective June 30 so there is no negative impact on public health, safety, and welfare. The public can provide comments on reauthorized rules as outlined in each docket published in the bulletin.