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posted on September 04, 2019 13:16

The Idaho Administrative Bulletin published today. It contains the following DHW notices:

  1. 16-0102-1901, EMS – Rule Definitions, Proposed Rule (Align with H009 (2019))
  2. 16-0103-1901, EMS – Agency Licensing Requirements, Proposed Rule (Updates for TSE designations)
  3. 16-0107-1901, EMS – Personnel Licensing Requirements, Proposed Rule (Updates and align with H248 (2019))
  4. 16-0208-1901, Vital Statistics Rules, Public Hearing Notice (Gender marker attestation for children)
  5. 16-0319-1901, Certified Family Homes, Proposed Rule (Add criminal history requirement and cause for denial due to disciplinary issues with child care or foster care licenses)
  6. 16-0322-1901, Residential Assisted Living Facilities, Proposed Rule (Rewrite to simplify and remove unnecessary language, strengthen certain requirements, and allow department-approved accreditation entity in lieu of regular licensure)
  7. 16-0506-1901, Criminal History and Background Checks, Proposed Rule (Align with S1341 (2018) for checks on citizen review panel members and simplification of Section 100)
  8. 16-0506-1902, Criminal History and Background Checks, Proposed Rule (Clarification of rules, add disqualification offense of “assault with intent to commit a serious felony,” and changes requested by the FBI)