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DHW announces request for information for value-based purchasing of medical services

BOISE -- The Division of Medicaid in the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has announced a request for information as part of its continued transformation from paying for the volume of medical services delivered to paying for the value of patient care. The request was posted Friday. Responses to this request are welcome from all interested parties through Jan. 3, 2020.

Idaho has been making measured progress in transforming its healthcare system, including Medicaid, to a value-based payment system that supports both positive health outcomes and cost savings by rewarding positive health outcomes for participants.

Like many other state Medicaid programs, commercial insurance plans and Medicare, Idaho faces unsustainable healthcare cost growth.  With the increasing cost of healthcare, an aging population, and a voter-approved ballot initiative for Medicaid expansion, Idaho has an immediate need for reform to control costs without reducing quality of care.

Leadership from DHW has been collaborating with Idaho hospitals, primary care providers, and health plans to build a more accountable Medicaid program. Idaho Medicaid recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement as we identify, build, and test new models for value-based purchasing and has invited responses from all interested parties.

This announcement is a request for information only, not a solicitation. No award will be made based on the information received.  If you are interested in providing any of the information requested in the request for information, please submit your written response by close of business Jan. 3, 2020.

More details of the information requested from respondents may be found at the Medicaid website, by email at, or by calling (208)-364-1804. 


Contact:  Niki Forbing-Orr
Public Information Manager
(208) 334-0668 or