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Using your EBT card

The first time you're found eligible for TAFI, AABD, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, also known as food stamps, you will receive a Quest Electronic Benefits Card (EBT) card. If you apply in one of our offices, you will receive your card immediately upon approval; if you apply by mail (or fax), you will receive your card by mail.


Image of the Idaho Quest EBT card. Using your Quest EBT card
  • Keep your card with you in your purse or wallet so that you'll have it when you visit a store that accepts Quest cards.
  • Your Quest EBT account will be "re-loaded" on the first of each month for TAFI or AABD, for as long as you receive benefits.
  • SNAP cardholders will receive their benefits according to their assigned issuance date, which is based on the last digit of the cardholder's birth year. To learn more about what day SNAP benefits will be posted to your EBT card click here
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Need a replacement card?
Lost or damaged your card?  Call the Quest card customer service line at 1-888-432-4328 to request a new card.  Local offices will not issue a replacement card.


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Additional information

  • Your EBT card is permanent.  Don't throw it away, keep it!
  • If you lose benefits and then get benefits again, you'll use the same card.
  • Check the balance of your Quest EBT account by calling 1-888-432-4328 or going online at
  • Any unused balance from previous months will accrue and be added to the next monthly allotment.
  • If your card is not used for 365 consecutive days, a portion of your benefit will be removed from your account.
  • For additional information, review How to Use Your Idaho Quest Card.