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Yellow Fever FAQ's

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Yes, as a yellow fever stamp owner you can use you stamp at up to 4 different locations provided that each location is listed separately on IIP-720.  You will be provided a stamp for each location.
No.  As of June 1, 2011 all yellow fever providers in Idaho have had their order privileges suspended.   In order to place an order for yellow fever vaccine you will need to complete the re-certification packet which consists of form IIP-710, IIP-720, IIP-730, and provide a copy of the completed CDC Yellow Fever Vaccine online course.
No.  You must order for each designated yellow fever vaccine center individually.
Once you have been approved to be a yellow fever stamp owner you will receive notification with instructions regarding the use of your existing stamp and/or your new stamp based on your application.
Yes, however if you have reasonable need not to have your information published that will be taken into considerations.
Once every 3 years.
Yes, each stamp owner must provide certificate of completion from the CDC.  Information regarding the can be found at:
In an attempt to update the list of yellow fever providers in Idaho it was determined that several providers are no longer providing yellow fever vaccine.  Therefore, the decision was made that each enrolled provider would have the opportunity to re-enroll thus creating an up to date list of providers.