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Where to Get Immunized

Immunizations are available at a number of locations across Idaho. Immunizations may be available for you and your child at your healthcare provider’s office, your local public health district, and at select pharmacies. Contact information for Idaho’s local public health districts is listed below on the right-hand side of the page. The health district map below will help you determine your local public health district.

Routine childhood vaccines are available to Idaho children, under the age of 19 years, at no cost or at a significantly reduced cost. The vaccine itself is free through medical providers who participate in the state vaccine program, though the provider may charge a fee to administer the vaccine. All local public health districts participate in the state vaccine program, as do most pediatricians and family practice physicians. Contact your primary care provider to see if they are participants.

Immunize Idaho

Health District Locations

1. Panhandle Health District
8500 N Atlas Rd.
Hayden, ID 83835
(208) 415-5100 

2. Idaho North Central District
215 10th Street
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 799-3100

3. Southwest District Health
920 Main Street
Caldwell, ID 83704
(208) 455-5300

4. Central District Health Department
707 N Armstrong Place
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 375-5211

5. South Central Public Health District
1020 Washington Street North
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 734-5900

6. Southeastern Idaho Public Health
1901 Alvin Ricken Drive
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 233-9080

7. Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Dr.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 522-0310