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IRIS Related Trainings and Resources

Adding Immunizations (8/15/16) - How to add immunizations to a record.

Creating Lists (3/2/16) - Learn how to create a list, organize records using lists, and run reports.

Electronic Data Exchange (8/15/16) - Manually uploading HL7 files into IRIS and reviewing the status screen.

Electronic Data Exchange with IRIS and Meaningful Use (4/04/16) - Learn what is Data Exchange, how to start the process, and how it works with Meaningful Use.

Forgot Password Instructions (5/24/17) - Written instructions on how to reset your IRIS password

Legal Notice (3/02/16) - Learn how to create legal notices.

Manage Immunizations (3/2/16) - Learn how to view and manage immunizations for patients.

Password Reset (3/16/16) - Learn how to use the new IRIS Password Reset button.

Reminder Recall (3/2/16) - Learn how the Reminder Recall feature can help run labels or letters for patients that are due or past due for immunizations.

Running School Reports (8/15/16) - Learn how to run IRIS reports that can help you access immunization records for several children at once.

Wastage and Returns in IRIS (9/6/16) - Learn how to manage wastage and returns in IRIS.

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