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Stage 2 Forms and Instructions

For Meaningful use Stage 2 you must register with the IDHW Meaningful use website. Please email an HL7 file to test and compare to IRIS HL7 specifications. IRIS has batch capabilities to accept HL7 2.4 and 2.5.1 and real-time capabilities for HL7 2.4 ONLY through SOAP Webservice. All testing will be through a manual batch file sent directly to the IIS Registry for review. A provider will only be moved to production after they have successfully completed testing. We have included a link to both the Department’s meaningful use page and IRIS HL7 specifications

To access IRIS HL7 specifications click HERE.

Once in IRIS, click on the "Forms" tab.

IRIS User name and password are NOT required.

Please complete and email the Data Exchange Request questionnaire for the clinic requesting electronic data exchange to Please attach an HL7 test file to review as well. Once we have both the completed form and the test file, we will complete the HL7 review and give feedback based on any changes needed to met IRIS specifications.

To access the Idaho Department of health and Welfare's Meaningful Use registration form, please click HERE.