Promoting and protecting the health and safety of all Idahoans


We are a collective group of public health professionals, stakeholders and community group members working towards oral health equity in Idaho through various region-specific goals.  The IOHN includes both traditional and non-traditional oral health and public health partners.


View our IOHN Partner video for more insight into who were are as a network.

Health Educators  Superintendents 
Community Leaders Early Head Start
Community Health Workers  Head Start 
Hospital Staff  Private Childcare Providers
Non-Profit Affiliates  Nutrition/Dietitian Related Professionals
Community Health Centers Parent Teach Associations
Public Health District Personnel Higher Education Representatives
Private Dental and Medical Insurers  Funders
Dental and Medical Providers  Church Leaders
State Affiliated Agencies Civic Leaders
Tribes in Idaho Teachers and School Administrators
School Board Members   




Vision:  An Idaho where all are free from oral disease and have optimal oral health

Mission:  To bring together diverse community champions who, through Collective Impact and Network Theory, building relationships and leveraging resources, will work towards achieving oral health equity in Idaho.


Oral Health is a critical component to overall health and well-being.  In Idaho, oral health is a serious public health issue.  Oral disease contributes significantly to the impact and cost of overall healthcare and can contribute to cardiovascualr disease, stroke, pre-term birth, poor controlled diabetes, and other systemic conditions.  Improving oral healthcare for all Idahoans is complex.  No single policy, government department, organization or program can tackle or achieve our vision for an Idaho where all are free from oral disease in a coordinated effort, utilizing a Collective Impact framework, to address and deeply entrenched and complex social issues surrounding oral health.

Idaho MapThe relationships formed and work completed through the 2010-2015 Idaho Oral Health Action Plan, Idaho Oral Health Initiative 2014, Idaho Oral Health Alliance and Idaho Oral Health Program set the stage for developing a statewide oral health network.  Grant funding acquired by the DentaQuest Foundation has provided a momentous opportunity to develop the IOHN and the creation of regional, community-Health Action Plan as a road-map.  The IOHN serves as the statewide network that tackles oral health issues region by region to achieve oral health equity in Idaho.  

Regional networks have been established in the following seven regions/districts.