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From the Idaho Oral Health Network (IOHN) staff and existing partners, we welcome you to our community of dedicated oral health champions working graphic More than 1 in 4 adults in the US have untreated tooth decay.towards oral health equity in Idaho! We hope that through collective problem solving and continuous learning we can leverage our resources and work collaboratively to better serve Idahoans’ oral health needs across the state. This website will inform you of the background, purpose, and progress on oral health initiatives across Idaho. Please use this website for connecting to new partners and connecting with other professionals in the IOHN.




The IOHN has been the source of countless relationships formed and the catalyst for multi-disciplinary oral health initiatives across the state.  As a partner of the IOHN, you will be connected to private and public health professionals, oral health advocates and champions and local and state-wide community groups.  The IOHN also serves as a platform for connecting partners to resources, the latest research and best practices in oral health and public health.  Additionally, the IOHN is a space for cross collaboration and networking across disciplines to allow for a community space to share ideas, plan and implement initiatives, and reach specific target populations in Idaho that might otherwise me missed.  The IOHN offers convenient web-based professional development opportunities as well as a variety of technical assistance through the Network Coordinator.







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