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Crisis Prevention and Court Services (CPCS)

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The Developmental Disabilities, Crisis Prevention and Court Services (CPCS) Team is an integral part of the continuum of services available from Family and Community Services Developmental Disabilities Program. It is the only program serving both children and adults. The primary duty of CPCS is to provide supports to community members with a developmental/intellectual disability in their various community treatment programs. Another duty of CPCS is to provide court-ordered services to address concerns such as criminal competency, civil commitment, and guardian/conservator needs.



Our Services


The CPCS Team is focused on the community and values working with our local partners. CPCS provides assistance to individuals with a developmental/intellectual disability and their families in a wide variety of areas. Services range from consultation and referral to training and support services, and can include assisting in placement of those who are experiencing behavioral or medical challenges placing them at risk of requiring higher levels of care. We work with multiple community partners including hospitals, schools, crisis centers, jails, courts, families, mental health agencies, and private providers of DD services. Crisis assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

To get started please print and sign the Consent for Treatment and Release of Information and bring them to your local office on your first visit.


Guardianship and Conservatorship

The CPCS Team oversee the evaluation of persons seeking guardianship/conservatorship for those with a developmental/intellectual disorder. Idaho Code 66-401 states “every individual has unique needs and differing abilities, it is the purpose... of this chapter to… permit partially disabled and disabled persons to participate as fully as possible in all decisions which affect them…”A person with a developmental disability or any person interested in his or her welfare may petition for a finding of legal disability or partial legal disability and the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator per Idaho Code, Section 66-404. When an examination request for guardianship/conservatorship is received by a court of law, an evaluation is ordered by the court and is conducted by an evaluation committee as defined in Idaho Code, Section 66-402(7). The evaluation committee examines the needs and abilities of the proposed ward as well as the fitness and ability of the proposed guardian/conservator. This committee then renders their opinion to the court  as stipulated in Idaho Court Administrative Rule 54.5.

Memorandum of Requirements for Guardianship

Criminal History Check instructions

Guardianship Care Plan

Required Guardianship Training Course

Self-Advocacy Guide to Guardianships

Q and A for Guardianship and Conservatorship



The CPCS Team oversees civil commitments and criminal competency issues when required by a court of law. Whenever there is reason to doubt the defendant's (adult or child) fitness to proceed as charged in a criminal case, any court officer can file for a competency evaluation per Idaho Code, Section 18-211. In the case where a defendant has or is suspected of having a developmental/intellectual disability, the competency evaluation is conducted by an evaluation committee as defined in Idaho Code, Section 18-211(9)20-519a(5), and 66-402(7). The competency evaluation also addresses the defendant's current knowledge of the court proceedings and his or her ability to assist counsel in providing relevant information.

In any event where the evaluation team finds the defendant not currently competent, but believes that he or she may be restored to competence with some training and education, the court may order restoration services which are provided by CPCS in accordance with Idaho Code, Section 18-212 and 20-519b.

In the event that a person is not competent and not restorable, they may be committed to the Department of Health and Welfare under Idaho Code, Section 66-406. In this event, CPCS oversees the individual’s treatment and care for up to three years.





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