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Frequently Asked Questions for Provider Licensure

1.   What is IGEMS?
IGEMS, or Idaho’s Gateway for Emergency Medical Services, is our online license management system. IGEMS is where all provider and agency licensure applications are located.

2.   How do I get into my IGEMS account?
If you have never logged into your IGEMS account and you are currently licensed, go to IGEMS, and click “Claim my Account” to get login information. If you have never logged in and you aren't licensed in the State of Idaho, go to IGEMS, and click “Create an Account”.

3.   I’m moving to Idaho from another state and I’m wondering how to become licensed in Idaho. What do I need to do and how do I apply for a license?
You will need to create an IGEMS account and select the application for the appropriate license level you are trying to obtain. You will need to get a Criminal History Background check, submit verifications from other States or Territories, and you may need to complete the NREMT Assessment exam. For more specific instructions, visit our Reciprocity page.

4.   Can I transfer my license from my current state to Idaho?
You may know that Idaho is a REPLICA state. Unfortunately, the rules do not allow us to take other REPLICA state licenses yet. You will need to complete the reciprocity process, which is found here.

5.   Why do I need to take the NREMT Assessment exam?
You may be required to take the NREMT Assessment exam when applying for licensure in the State of Idaho. In order to verify competency, Idaho requires that you take the exam based on the criteria below, regardless of your current status with the National Registry:

i.   EMR – must take assessment exam if standardized exam was not taken in the last 36 months

ii.   EMT – must take assessment exam if standardized exam was not taken in the last 36 months

iii.   AEMT – must take assessment exam if standardized exam was not taken in the last 24 months

iv.   Paramedic – must take assessment exam if standardized exam was not taken in the last 24 months

6.    Do I have to be affiliated with an EMS agency to get my Idaho license?
Yes. You must be affiliated with a licensed Idaho EMS agency to get your Idaho license. However, if you are unable to find an agency to affiliate with you may be eligible for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). A CoE states that you have met all requirements for licensure, except for an affiliation. When you find an agency to affiliate with, you can receive your license. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Agency Licensure

  1. What do I need to do to apply for an initial EMS Agency License?
        • If you don’t already have an IGEMS account, you will need to create one. After doing this, you will need to contact a field coordinator at the Bureau of EMS & Preparedness to create your new agency within our system. You will need to have the following information available at this time:
    -Agency Name
    -Agency Address
    -Level of Licensure you are applying for along with the operational declaration(s) that you are interested in applying for.

  2. Does the Agency Administrator need to be a licensed provider to have an IGEMS account?
        • No, they will just need to create a profile and then they are able to be added to the new agency’s roster as an Administrator. This will allow them to make changes within the agency profile and to upload required documents, update information, as well as build their roster.

  3. How often does my agency license need to be renewed?
        • Agency Licenses are renewed annually.

  4. What does the renewal process include?
        • All Agency Administrators should receive notice 90 days prior to the agency license expiring.
        • Soon after receiving this notification, one of the Field Coordinators should be in contact to schedule a site visit with you to look at all appropriate documents and vehicles.
        • Once the site visit process is complete, the Field Coordinator will process the application and issue the renewed license if no immediate changes/recommendations were to be completed prior to the issuing of the new license.

  5. Who can make updates to the agency roster?
        • Agency Administrators can by accessing the Agency portion to their IGEMS account.

  6. How do we add/remove/change agency administrators on our IGEMS account?
        • Another agency administrator may add a primary contact or agency administrator by completing a roster role update.

  7. What do we need to do if our boundaries change?
        • You will need to complete an initial agency application that includes the updated boundaries. The only exception to this is if the boundaries are changing due to annexation. If this is the case, you will only need to notify the Bureau of EMS & Preparedness by calling us or sending an email to stating the changes that are going to take place. 

  8. Do we need to get new ambulances inspected after we have already been licensed as an agency?
        • If you are not stocking by directly transferring supplies from a currently licensed ambulance that it is replacing, you will need to contact the Bureau of EMS & Preparedness to complete a new ambulance inspection. A list of the minimum equipment required for each level of licensure can be found on our website.

  9. Why can’t I find the renewal application?
        • You will need to be sure that you are listed as an agency administrator for the agency that you are trying to renew. You will need to contact a current agency administrator within the agency and ask to have the “agency administrator” title added to your name on the roster.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dedicated III Grants

1.   Where do I get an Agency Vehicle Fleet Report?
          •  Contact the Bureau of EMS & Preparedness Dedicated Grant staff to obtain the needed printout of vehicles currently listed on the agency license. The     printout will be mailed/emailed to you to complete and return with your application.

2.   Where do I obtain “Number of full time residents” information for my primary response area?
          •  Consider your local Chamber of Commerce, US Census Bureau, and your local Assessor’s office as resources for this information. Depending upon the nature of your response area it may take some effort to obtain this information depending upon how many local governments are involved.

3.   What can I ask for under this grant program?
          •  Per Idaho Code §56-1018B this grant’s funds can only be used “exclusively for the purpose of acquiring vehicles and equipment for use by emergency medical services personnel in the performance of their duties”. The interpretation is that the equipment is durable equipment and does not include supplies  that are consumed or disposable.

4.   Where do I get information regarding type and quantity of EMS Responses and run dispositions for the application?
          •  This information should be obtained from either your dispatch center clearly identifying that it only reflects EMS Responses, or from your Patient Care Reporting system and the values will be verified against data in PERCS and/or IGEMS-PCR.

5.    What information needs to be provided to the Bureau relating to the use of the grant funds?
          •  There is an Accounting Form located on the Grants home page of the IdahoEMS web site that has the required information regarding required financial          submissions. Remember this grant follows the July fiscal year calendar and therefore everything must be completed and accepted by the Bureau before June 30th.

Frequently Asked Questions for TRAIN Idaho

1.  How do I sign up for a TRAIN user account?
        •  Log onto Click on “Select Location,” then “Create an Account,” which appears underneath the login on the left hand side of the screen. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions. Fill out all of the necessary information on the subsequent pages.(If you’d like, you can also fill in the optional information.) When you have finished, click “Continue” to enter the site.

2.  I already have a TRAIN account with my state/affiliate TRAIN site. How do I also join the MRC-TRAIN site?
        •  Anyone can easily belong to both the MRC-TRAIN site and, where available, the state affiliate TRAIN site. Once logged into TRAIN go to “My Account” and click the “Groups” tab. Click the “Edit” button and TRAIN will guide you through selecting both State and MRC Groups. Please be advised that if an MRC TRAIN user belongs to a state affiliate TRAIN site the Administrator from the given TRAIN State/Affiliate will have access to user’s TRAIN learner record and personal profile.

3.  How do I find courses to take?
        •  Click the “Course Search” link at the top of the screen. From this page you can click “Browse” to view all course offerings in TRAIN, or you can use any of the tools in the“Search Options” list to help narrow your results.

4.  I cannot find required EMS courses in TRAIN.        
        •  Course availability in TRAIN is based on your 'Group' settings. Make sure you have 'Idaho' and either 'Emergency Medical Services' or 'DUAL EMS/FIRE AGENCY' added to your 'Group' settings.

5.  How do I find courses dealing with Competencies?
        •  Click the “Course Search” link at the top of the screen and then click “By Competency” in the Search Options list. Check a box next to each competency you want to search on and click “Search” at the bottom of the page.

6.  I've registered for a course - where do I find confirmation of this?
        •  All of your course registrations can be found by clicking “My Learning” from the home page. This will include all in-progress courses.

7.  I've completed a course, but it still says "In Progress" in my "My Learning". How do I complete the course?
        •  Most courses require you to manually complete the course. To do so, go to “My Learning” and click the “M” icon next to the course name. This takes you to the Course Details page. Click the “Complete” button to complete the course. Some courses might have assessments, while others might ask you to enter a score manually. You are not required to enter a score.

8.  I've completed my course and it is no longer in "My Learning" - where did it go?
        •  All completed courses are found in the “Transcript” page. You can find this link on the home page in the “My Learning Record” box.

9.  I signed up for a "Live" course and can no longer attend. Who should I contact?
        •  You are not required to contact anyone. You can withdraw yourself from any course by going to the Course Management page and clicking the “Withdraw” button.

10. How do I join online conversations I have been told about?
        •  Click the “Discussion Boards” link at the top of the screen. To the left will be names of various discussion boards – click the appropriate item to view and reply to conversations.

11. How do I find documents that have been posted in TRAIN?
        •  Most documents in TRAIN are posted in the Resources module. Click “Resources” at the top of the screen and then review the various Categories to the left. Many categories have “sub” categories. To view these sub-categories, click the + box and the category will open up to revile any sub-category. Click the  Category Name to view the contents of any resource category. To view or download any resource listed, click the Resource Name.