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PASRR Forms and Information

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) is federally mandated for all individuals, regardless of payment source, admitting to a Medicaid nursing facility. The PASRR screens for serious mental illness (SMI) and intellectual/developmental disability or related condition (ID/RC). The goal of PASRR is to prevent the warehousing of individuals with SMI and/or ID/RC in nursing facilities by ensuring nursing facility placement is appropriate. If nursing facility placement is appropriate, and the individual would benefit, specialized services or specialized rehabilitative services are offered and provided. 

PASRR Level I (87) screenings are completed in the order they are received, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. Most Level I (87) screenings submitted for review are completed on the same business day unless the Level I (87) is received after 3:30pm or a full Level II (face to face evaluation) is required. Please do not indicate ‘urgent’ or ‘ASAP’ on the Level I (87) or any supporting documentation.

Level I (87) completed forms should be faxed to the region in which the participant resides or is currently hospitalized. All questions regarding status updates on pending PASRRs should be directed to the same region in which the Level I (87) was originally faxed.

Region I
Fax - (208) 666-6856
Phone - (208) 769-1567
Region II
Fax - (208) 799-5167
Phone - (208) 799-4430
Region III
Fax - (208) 454-7625
Phone - (208) 769-1567
Region IV
Fax - (208) 334-0953
Phone - (208) 334-0940
Region V
Fax - (208) 736-2116
Phone - (208) 736-3024
Region VI
Fax - (208) 239-6269
Phone - (208) 239-6260
Region VII
Fax - (208) 528-5756
Phone - (208) 528-5750

For general PASRR questions, PASRR compliance, and requests for PASRR training, please contact Alex Childers-Scott.