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Certified Family Homes (CFH) provide a safe, family-style living environment for adults who need some assistance with the activities of daily living, but do not require a more restrictive institutional setting. Usually there are one or two adult residents in a CFH.  Each resident has a tailored care plan designed to meet their individual needs and to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in community activities.  The CFH is operated by a provider who has received the appropriate training and demonstrated the knowledge and experience to provide safe and effective services to the residents.  There are over 2,500 Certified Family Homes in communities across the state.

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The Department of Health & Welfare intends to promulgate certain new rules for certified family homes, which would go before the Idaho legislature for approval in 2020. These rule changes (limited to Sections 009 and 113 -- see draft rule language; red text indicates new language and blue text indicates deleted language) are being considered as a way to protect vulnerable adults from others who have criminal convictions, or substantiated adult protection or child protection complaints by requiring a new criminal history and background check on a recurring basis. They also would allow the Department to deny the applications for certification of those who have had disciplinary action against a child care or foster care license. Additional changes to Section 113 are being proposed to correct formatting issues.

You are invited to participate in negotiated rulemaking with the Department. To participate in person, please see the list of public meetings for Docket No. 16-0319-1901 on page 67 of the Idaho Administrative Bulletin Vol. 19-5. Attending a negotiated rulemaking session this year will not count towards annual ongoing training hours as the topics of the rule changes will not improve providers’ skills and knowledge in the provision of supervision, services and care to residents. Anyone may submit written comments regarding this negotiated rulemaking. Written comments must be submitted by June 14, 2019, and directed to the following:

Tamara Prisock
DHW – Administrative Rules Unit
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036
Fax: (208) 334-6558


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Certified Family Home Vacancy Reports 

Hourly Adult Care



Name Role Office
Steven L. Millward     CFH Program Manager (208) 334-0706
Susan Elsey CFH Technical Records Specialist (208) 334-0711
Lynette (Gneiting) Palmer Region 1 CFH Specialist (208) 665-8807
Kim Cole Region 2 CFH Specialist (208) 799-4438 
Sandy Arnold Region 3 CFH Specialist (208) 455-7120
Carrie (Johns) Rambeau Region 3 CFH Specialist (208) 455-7120
Laura Gomez
Region 4 CFH Specialist (208) 334-0700
Debra Gould Region 4 CFH Specialist (208) 334-0700
Nora Gonzalez Region 5 CFH Specialist  (208) 732-1515
Geneva Johnson Region 6 CFH Specialist (208) 239-6249
Josh Prigmore Region 7 CFH Specialist (208) 528-5721
Jana Brasier Region 7 CFH Specialist  (208) 528-5721 

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