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Bureau of Facility Standards

IL#:            Issue Date:  Title:

2019-03       03-26-19     CMS QSO 19-09-ALL: Revisions to Appendix Q Guidance on Immediate Jeopardy

2018-05      09/12/18    CMS QSO 18-24-ESRD: Survey Process for Reviewing Home Dialysis in LTC Facilities

2018-04    09/12/18    CMS QSO 18-22-ESRD: Revisions to Chapter 2 of State Operations Manual (SOM)

2018-02    12/30/17    CMS S&C 18-10-ALL: Texting of Patient Information Among Healthcare Providers

2017-09 07/06/17 CMS S&C 17-32-ESRD: Cleaning Patient Station

2017-06 07/06/17 CMS S&C 17-29-All: Advance Copy - Appendix Z Emergency Preparedness

2017-02 07/06/17 CMS S&C 17-21-All: Meeting New Training & Testing Reqs of Emergency Preparedness

2017-01 07/05/17 Recommendations for Providers Regarding Cyber Security

2016-13 09/14/16    CMS S&C 16-39: CMS Certification Number (CCN) State Codes

2016-12 09/14/16    CMS S&C 16-38: Final Rule Emergency Preparedness

2016-05     05/05/16    CMS S&C 16-21: Justice Involved Individuals

2016-02    03/18/16   Sharing Tags at Exit Conferences S&C 16-11

2016-01     03/04/16    New Non-Long Term Care Co-Supervisor

2014-11     07/02/14    CMS S&C-14-36 dated May 30, 2014 ~ Infection Control Breaches Which Warrant Referral to Public Health Authorities

2012-05     12/18/12     CMS S&C-12-35 dated June 15, 2012 ~ Safe Use of Single Dose/Single Use Medications to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

                                 2012-05 Attachment

2011-02     06/30/11   Updated NFPA Alert Regarding Antifreeze – Important Safety Information Regarding Antifreeze   in New and Existing Sprinkler Systems 

2010-02     05/25/09   S&C-10-17 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Program Survey Guidance on Patient Care Dialysis

Technicians (PCTs) Certification ESRDs

2010-02 Attachment

2007-05     04/25/07     Clarification of Provider Number Nomenclature CMS S&C-07-16 dated March 2, 2007                                        


2007-09     10/01/07      CMS S&C-08-03 dated November 5, 2007 Initial Surveys for New Medicare Providers

2004-16     12/03/04      Clarification of Survey Agency Responsibilities in Obtaining Information for Civil Rights                     Clearances for Initial Certifications and Changes of Ownership (CHOW)                                       

2004-08     08/12/04      CMS S&C-04-37: Addendum I to S&C Letter 04-24 on the Care for Residents of Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities

      Who Receive End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Services                                     

2002-07     04/01/02      Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Registry and Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation         Program (NATCEP) Address And Phone Number Update                                   

2004-06     03/30/04      Procedures in the Event of a Fire in a Medicare- or Medicaid-Certified Health Care Facility 
2001-02     01/26/01      Appendix Q:  Guidelines for Determining Immediate Jeopardy

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