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2020-27     07-09-20      QSO-20-34-NH-Changes to Staffing Information and Quality Measures Posted on the Nursing Home Compare Website and Five Star Quality Rating System due to the COVID- 19 Public Health Emergency

2020-26     06-04-20      QSO-20-33-NH- Posting of Nursing Home Inspections

2020-25     06-04-20      QSO-20-32-NH- Release of COViD-19 Nursing Home Data

2020-24     06-04-20      QSO-20-31-ALL-COViD-19 Survey Activities, CARES Act Funding, Enhanced Enforcement for 
Infection Control Deficiencies, and Quality Improvement Activities in Nursing Homes

2020-23     05-19-20      QSO-20-30-NH-Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations for State and Local Officials

2020-22     05-06-20      QSO-20-29-NH-Interim Final Rule Updating Requirements for Notification of Confirmed and                    Suspected COVID-19 Cases Among Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes

2020-21     05-01-20      QSO-20-28-NH-Nursing Home Five Star Quality Rating System updates, Nursing Home Staff Counts, and Frequently Asked Questions 

2020-20     04-20-20      CMS QSO 20-26-NH-Upcoming Requirements for Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 (or COVID-19 Persons under Investigation) Among Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes 

2020-14     03-25-20      CMS QSO 20-20 Prioritization of Survey Activities

2020-13     03-16-20      CMS QSO 20-14 Guidance on Infection Control Prevention for COVID-19 in NHs Revised

2020-09     03-11-20      CMS QSO 20-14 Guidance on Infection Control Prevention for COVID-19 in NHs Revised 03/13/20

2020-06     03-03-20      CMS QSO 20-14 Guidance on Infection Control Prevention for COVID-19 in NHs

2020-05     03-03-20      CMS QSO 20-11-LTC Release of Additional Toolkits to Ensure Safety in NHs

2020-04     02-07-20       CMS QSO 20-04-ALL-Healthcare Facilities Concerning Coronavirus

2020-02     12-06-19      CMS QSO 2020-03 Phase 3 Update and Arbitration Information

   10-17-19      CMS QSO 2020-01-LTC: CMS Updates to Nursing Home Compare & Five Star Rating System

2019-03     03-26-19      CMS QSO 19-09-ALL: Revisions to Appendix Q Guidance on Immediate Jeopardy

2019-02     03-12-19      CMS QSO 19-08-NH: April 2019 Improvements to Nursing Home Compare and Five Star System

2019-01     03-08-19      CMS QSO 19-07-LTC: Enhanced Oversight $ Enforcement for Non-Improving Late Adapters

2018-02     12-30-17      CMS S&C 18-10-ALL: Texting of Patient Information Among Healthcare Providers

2017-10     07-25-17      CMS S&C 17-37-NH: Revision of Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Policies and Analytic Tool

2017-07     07-05-17      CMS S&C 17-30-NH, CAHs, Hospitals: Requirements to Reduce Legionella Risks in Water Systems (Revised)

2017-06     07/06/17      CMS S&C 17-29-All: Advance Copy - Appendix Z Emergency Preparedness

2017-05     07/03/17      Implementation Issues, LTC Regulatory Changes - SQC & Transfer/Discharge Regs

2017-04     07/03/17      Electronic Staffing Submission - Payroll-Based Journal Update

2017-03     07/05/17      CMS S&C 17-23-NH, HHA: Final Rule Adjusting CMPs for Inflation

2017-01     07-05-17      CMS S&C 17-17-All: Recommendations for Providers Regarding Cyber Security

2016-10      08/15/16        CMS S&C 16-33-NH: Protecting Resident Privacy and Prohibiting Mental Abuse Related to Photographs and Audio/Video Recordings by Nursing Home Staff

2016-09      08/04/16        CMS S&C 16-31-NH: Mandatory Imposition of Federal Remedies in Nursing Homes

2016-08      05/27/16        CMS S&C 16-15-NH: Psychosocial Harm in Nursing Homes

2016-07      05/11/16        CMS S&C 16-22-LSC: Adoption of 2012 LSC Standards

2016-05      05/05/16        CMS S&C 16-21-All: Justice Involved Individuals

2016-02      03/18/16        Sharing Tags at Exit Conference, S&C Ltr 16-11

2015-19      12/28/15        Electronic Plans of Correction (ePOC) Implementation Date

2015-18      11/27/15       CMS S&C 16-04-NH Focused Dementia Care Survey Tools

2015-12      07/02/15       Notification of Facility Closure:  Revision to Tags F203 and F204 and Issuance of New Tags F523 and F524 in the State Operations Manual (SOM), Appendix PP

2015-02      01/15/15       CMS S&C: 15-13-ALL – Clarification of Terms Implicating the Spousal Relationship in Regulations and Guidance for Medicare and Medicaid certified Providers and Suppliers

2015-05      02/05/15       CMS S&C: 14-01-NH (revised 1-23-2015) CPR in Nursing Homes

2014-12      08/28/14       Release of Learning Tool on Building Respect for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Older Adults

2014-11      07/02/14       CMS S&C Letter #14-36—Infection Control Breaches which Warrant Referral to Public Health Authorities

2014-09      06/03/14       CMS S&C-14-17 — Hospital Restraint/Seclusion Deaths to be Reported Using the CMS Form CMS‑10455, Report of a Hospital Death associated with Restraint or Seclusion

2014-03      05/23/14       Maintenance of Incident/Accident Reports

2012-05   12/18/12      CMS S&C-12-35 dated June 15, 2012 ~ Safe Use of Single Dose/Single Use Medications to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections                                                                       

2012-05  Attachment

2011-02       06/30/11      Updated NFPA Alert Regarding Antifreeze – Important Safety Information Regarding Antifreeze in New and Existing Sprinkler Systems

2011-01       03/30/11      Guidelines for Locked Units [This Informational Letter updates and replaces #94-3]

2010-07       09/03/10      CMS S&C 10-28-NH dated 8/27/2010 ~ Point of Care Devices and Infection Control in Nursing Homes

2004-16       12/03/04     Information Requirements for CHOWs

                                            2004-16 Attachment

1997-03        04/16/97  Medication Distribution Technique Clarification to Informational Letter #96-14

1993-04        03/19/93  2.4 Hours Per Patient Per Day Requirement

1993-03        02/01/93  Management of Combative Residents

1993-01        01/08/93  Medication Distribution System

1989-02        01/27/89  TB Skin Testing