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To:                 Mental Health Clinic Providers

Rehabilitation Option for Mental Health Services Providers


From:          PAUL SWATSENBARG, Deputy Administrator

                        Division of Medicaid



Temporary rules have been instituted effective July 1, 2001 to include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as a reimbursable Medicaid provider in a Mental Health Clinic, and Rehabilitation Option for Mental Health Services agency.


In addition, the Department also clarified the Mental Health Clinic rules on chemotherapy consultations. The rules were clarified by adding,  “other practitioners of the healing arts within the scope of practice defined in their license.” This allows nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists with licensure authority to provide medication consultation in a Mental Health Clinic.


The changes are identified in Docket No. 16-0309-0114 for Mental Health Clinics and Docket No. 16-0309-0111 for the Mental Health Rehab Option.


A copy of the rules maybe obtained by contacting the Administrative Procedures Section at (208) 334-5564 or via the Internet at  These are IDAPA 16 – Department of Health and Welfare 16.03.09 – Rules Governing Medial Assistance, Docket No. 16-0309-0111 and 16-0309-0114.


If you have questions contact Jack Weinberg at (208) 334-5795.  Thank you for your continued participation in Idaho Medicaid.