Idaho Behavioral Health Council (IBHC)

Our vision is that adults, children, and their families who live with mental illness and addiction receive the behavioral health care services they need when they need them. We believe if this vision is realized, then people in Idaho will have a better quality of life, reduced risk of involvement with the criminal justice system, and make our communities healthier, safer places to live.

IBHC Strategic Action Plan

The IBHC is pleased to post an approved Strategic Action PlanIf you would like to submit feedback about this Plan, please email your comments to

IBHC Location Map

View the IBHC location map which provides information about behavioral health system resources currently available in Idaho.

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Welcome to the Idaho Behavioral Health Council
Upcoming Meetings

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IBHC Survey Results

See information about four surveys that were designed for stakeholder groups in Idaho.

Council Members

Members of the Behavioral Health Council:

Ex Officio
  • The administrative director of the state courts or a designee - Sara Omundson
  • Idaho Department of Corrections director or designee - Josh Tewalt
  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare director or designee - Dave Jeppesen
  • Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections director or designee - Monty Prow
Members appointed by the Governor
  • A representative from the Idaho Department of Education - Eric Studebaker
  • One county elected official - Brent Mendenhall
  • One member of the public - Jennifer Griffis
Members appointed by the Chief Justice
  • A presiding judge of a treatment court - Gene Petty
  • One member of the public - David Pate
  • One member of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House -  Laurie Lickley
  • One member of the House of Representatives appointed by the Minority Leader of the House - Brooke Green
  • One Senator appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate - Jeff Agenbroad
  • One Senator appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate - David Nelson

Dave Jeppesen, director of the Department of Health and Welfare, and Sara Omundson, administrative director of the courts will serve as co-chairs.

Meeting Recordings

Idaho Behavioral Health Council (IBHC)
For questions or concerns, please email the IBHC.