Idaho Hepatitis Advisory Council

The Idaho Hepatitis Advisory Council is a planning body of representatives from each of the seven health districts in Idaho. The council develops statewide viral hepatitis prevention plans and presents them to the Idaho Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS (IACHA) for approval/adoption into the State Jurisdictional Comprehensive HIV/Viral Hepatitis Prevention Plan.


  • Develop goals and strategies to guide viral hepatitis prevention work in Idaho.
  • Identify opportunities for improved stakeholder collaborations.
  • Track progression toward Idaho's viral hepatitis prevention goals.
  • Address planning and coordination of viral hepatitis prevention activities.
Region Name Agency/Organization
1 Stacie Lechot North Idaho AIDS Coalition
2 Anna Olsen North Central Health District
3 Jennifer Tripp Southwest District Health Department
4 Vacant  
5 Tanis Maxwell South Central District Health Department
6 Vacant  
7 Nikki Sayer Eastern Idaho Public Health District
Community co-chair Judy Thorne Idaho State University-Meridian/Northwest AIDS Education and Training Center
Government co-chair Kimberly Matulonis Idaho viral hepatitis prevention coordinator