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How to Apply / Frequently Asked Questions

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare seeks individuals who are committed to lifelong learning, who enjoy relationship building, and who believe in the mission of our department. If you are interested in a career where your work makes a difference, we encourage you to join our team.

How to become an Idaho Department of Health & Welfare employee:

  • Visit the Idaho Division of Human Resource website at   
  • Click on Job Seekers, and then click on Current Openings
  • All State of Idaho jobs are available for application at this website – you can apply online. Once you've created a job seeker account, you can apply for any opening listed on the website.

For additional information and FAQs about the state hiring process, see our Application Tips brochure or visit DHR's Job Seeker FAQs

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All of our job openings are posted here. Announcements will specify if a position is full-time, part-time, or temporary.

The state of Idaho is committed to our veterans. For more information about veterans' preference points and eligibility, click here.
No. Only jobs that have been announced Department Promotional or Statewide Promotional are limited to IDHW or state of Idaho employees. Most of our job announcements are open to the public.
Not necessarily. Many of our positions only require experience and/or completion of related training. You can see all job requirements on the job announcement under Minimum Qualifications. For additional information about the level of education, experience, or licensure required for a position, you can click on the Preview Exam link at the bottom of each announcement. The "typically gained by" statement will describe what is required to pass each exam question.

Most of our statewide announcements are open until further notice, and we use the announcements to fill vacancies as they occur around the state. That means that at the time you apply, we may or may not have an opening. When a position becomes available, a hiring list will be created from the qualified applicants who have indicated they would be willing to work in the corresponding location.

Go to the Idaho Division of Human Resources website, choose the positions you are interested in, and sign up to receive job alerts to be sent to your personal e-mail.

Several of our programs offer internships; we try to advertise opportunities with nearby university and college career centers. 

If you are interested in an internship, you may also contact human resources at Please include a resume, what type of internship you are looking for, and which part(s) of the state you are willing to work. Our human resources staff will forward your inquiry to any applicable programs to see if they may have an opportunity for you.
If you see a position you're interested in, you can apply by clicking the Apply Online button on the job announcement and following the steps below:

  1. Completing the State of Idaho Employment Application. When using Apply Online for the first time, you will need to create an account that stores your personal and employment information online. Once you've completed all of the sections on the Application Checklist, your information is ready to go for future state job applications. You can update it at any time.
  1. Completing an exam for each announcement for which you apply. Most announcements will have a corresponding exam you will need to take. The exam gives applicants the opportunity to demonstrate how they meet the minimum qualifications for the position. You can preview exams by clicking on the Preview Exam link at the end of each job announcement.
You need only complete the State of Idaho Employment Application Checklist one time. However, you must apply from each announcement and complete the exam associated with that position.

Minimum qualifications (requirements) are listed on each job announcement and corresponding exam. You can preview the exam by clicking on the Preview Exam link at the bottom of each announcement. The “typically gained by” statements describe the level of education and/or experience required to pass each question.

You can see all of our current job openings and apply online by clicking here.

Exams are typically scored after the announcement has closed. Scoring can take up to a couple of weeks depending on several factors, including the number of applicants and length of exam.

No. Many of our job announcements are open until further notice, and are used to fill vacancies as they occur statewide. When a position becomes available, hiring lists are created from the current applications.

If it's been a while since you applied, you may need to retake the exam. You can see when your exam scores expire in your job seeker account. Applicants must have a current, unexpired exam score to be eligible for future hiring lists that may be created.

New published announcements will say if applicants must re-apply to be considered, or if previous applications will be merged.
IDHW accepts applications from anyone, no matter what their location. Job interviews are arranged by the manager doing the hiring. As an out-of-area applicant, if you are asked to interview, you are welcome to inquire about telephone interviews.

“Current Applications” refers to applications that have been created in the last six months. If you originally applied for a position more than six months ago, it will no longer appear under Current Applications. It may help to think of it as New, rather than Current. You can still see your application by clicking on All Applications. As long as you maintain a current, passing exam score, your application should be eligible for consideration.

For problems with the application website, we recommend contacting the Idaho Division of Human Resources. They maintain the website and can provide technical assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-554-5627 or

If you applied online, you are able to follow the status of every position you apply for by accessing your online account.

To check the status of your exam, go to "My Account" and sign in. Then, click on "Exams Summary" in the menu at the top. Once there, you will see a summary of all of your exams started and/or completed, the results, and the date the scores will expire. If you took an exam that is not scored online immediately, your status in the "Exams" section will show as "Being Reviewed".  It will appear once the scoring is complete.

After all exams have been scored, a hiring list is created from the top scoring applicants. The hiring manager will review these applications, and will contact you directly if they have any questions or wish to schedule an interview.

No. State jobs require a State of Idaho Employment Application and a completed exam. Sometimes a resume is also required; each job announcement contains instructions on how to apply and what information is necessary to complete the process.

For questions regarding social worker licensure, you will need to contact the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing at

The state of Idaho offers a competitive benefits package to employees. For a complete list of all benefits please click on the Employee Benefits section or visit the Idaho Division of Human Resources website.
IDHW offers multiple training opportunities, beginning with our New Employee Orientation and Introduction to Health and Welfare. We have an online learning system, as well as many classroom opportunities. Many of our programs also offer specific on-the-job training for their positions.

For an overview of the state hiring process, click here.