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Call for Workshop Proposals

The call for 2018 proposals for the October 24-25, 2018 conference has closed.


Every two years, the Early Years conference attracts more than 350 attendees seeking actionable information, new strategies, and best practices in the field of early childhood education and intervention. We invite you to consider Early Years ‘18 as a forum to share your expertise.

What You Will Gain as a Presenter:

  • A reputation as an expert in respective specialty areas.
  • Exposure to more than 350 early learning professionals.
  • Networking with professionals in the early care and education community.
  • Discounted conference registration (no fee the day of your workshop).
  • Potential speaking opportunities at early learning events and regional conferences.

Conference Tracks:

Workshop topic to address one of five conference tracks and explore “what’s new and what’s working” to help children ages birth to eight and families:

  • Building Family Strengths: Identifies and supports the unique and specialized needs of children and their families.
  • Health/Safety and Well-Being: Emphasizes the importance of supporting and nurturing young children, including safety issues, child abuse and neglect, prevention, and intervention.
  • Early Care and Learning: Focuses on early child development, research, and educational practices that enable infants and young children to reach their maximum potential.
  • Program/Professional Development: Highlights program models and best practices to enhance professional work with young children and families.
  • Infant/Early Child Mental Health: Centers on the social and emotional development of children from birth through age five and their families, including key issues, relationships, risks, and best practice interventions.

Selection Criteria:

The Early Years '18 Workshops subcommittee will select proposals that best exemplify the following criteria:

    • New Material –New pioneering content and ideas.
    • Actionable Information – Content that attendees can put into practice immediately.
    • Best Practices – What works, what’s effective.
    •  Interactive Presentations – Engage the audience in active learning.

Session Length:

The last workshop session on day 2 is one hour (one workshop in each track), all other workshops are one-and-a-half hours in length.

Important Deadlines & Information:

May 1, 2018 Deadline for presentation proposals. 
Limit: 100 words for each presenter bio
Limit: 150 words for each abstract 
June 15, 2018  Notification sent to all applicants.  
July 15, 2018  Deadline for acceptance, revisions to proposal.
A current curriculum vitae/resume for each presenter is required.
All FINAL session names, descriptions, and presenter details are due at this time. 
August 15, 2018  PowerPoint and/or handout(s) due for sessions assigned CEU credits. 
August 31, 2018 Handouts and PowerPoint deadline for materials to be posted online PRIOR to the conference. 


Please familiarize yourself with the additional information for the Call for Proposals posted below before you prepare your proposal. Then, simply click the Call for Proposal button to complete your proposal, and click the Submit button to send us your proposal. It’s that simple. We appreciate your interest in our conference!

Important Information for Preparing Your Proposal

Room Set-Up:

Each workshop room will be set up for 40-100 people with a presenter’s table in front. Most workshop rooms will be set up classroom style with narrow tables for participants. Presenters cannot rearrange the furniture.


Each room will be set up with a laptop (no DVD drive), LCD projector, screen, flip chart/markers, wireless mouse, lavaliere microphone, house sound and Wi-Fi. Additional audio/visual equipment must be pre-arranged by contacting staff at EarlyYearsAdmin to assess availability/feasibility.


It is a presenter’s discretion whether to provide handouts (printed or online) for their workshop session. All costs to provide handouts will be at the presenter’s expense. Presenters will be notified of their session enrollment after the July 31, 2018, Early Bird registration deadline.

Presentation Guidelines:

Selling or promotion of products or services is not permitted. Conference workshops are intended to promote best practices. The following guidelines are recommended when preparing the presentation:
    • Interactive and well-organized, with key points that lead to a logical conclusion;
    • Provide new and/or time tested research material;
    • Provide, if applicable, examples and strategies for partnership and collaboration among stakeholders and/or state agencies.
    • Include, if applicable, discussion points on what data needs to be collected on early childhood programs and child outcomes and some strategies to develop centralized data collection systems for the state; 
    • Presenters should allow 10 minutes for Q&A at the end of a presentation;
    • If PowerPoint slides are used:
        • A 14-point font is recommended to be legible from a distance.
        • Include speaker’s notes.

Presentation Logistics:

The following guidelines are recommended when preparing the presentation:
    • A maximum of three presenters for each workshop.
    • Presenters must bring their slides and other media on a USB drive compatible with Windows 7. TEST your thumb drive ahead of time on another computer - other than the one you used to create the presentation. Be sure audio files and any other companion files are included in your folder on the storage device. If you create your presentation on a Mac, test it on a PC (not another Mac).
    • Presenters acknowledge that Early Years '18 reserves the right to record workshop sessions.
    • Presenter may elect to provide a copy of their PowerPoint and/or handouts to conference attendees on the Early Years '18 official website either before or after the conference.

Promoting Products and Services:

Conference organizers aim to uphold a high level of quality and professionalism throughout the Conference. Our goal is to provide a forum for you to share your topic knowledge and expertise. We ask that you refrain from promoting your products or services during your training. If you would like to sell products or services during the conference, vendor booths may be purchased and utilized for that purpose.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

The Early Years '18 conference offers CEUs to assist individuals in the social work field with meeting their licensure renewal requirements and for child care providers to receive IdahoStars training hours. If a determination whether the workshop qualifies for this credential cannot be made from your proposal, you agree to provide a copy of your PowerPoint presentation and handouts within the stated timeline or forfeit your offering.

CEU-Based Session Materials We Provide:

    • Attendee Sign-In Sheets
    • Workshop session Certificate – if applicable
    • Workshop Evaluation Form

Room Monitors:

1 or 2 volunteers (depending on size of room) will be assigned to each room/session. Room monitor(s) will manage participant sign-in, hand out evaluation forms, distribute CEU certificates (if applicable), answer general conference questions, obtain AV tech assistance as needed, and introduce you, unless you prefer to introduce yourself. They can also pass out any handouts you provide. Volunteers are in the room 15 minutes before the start of each session.

Registration Requirements:

If your proposal is accepted, each presenter must register for the conference. Presenters will receive a Presenter Registration DISCOUNT CODE via e-mail, to waive registration for the day of their presentation. If the correct speaker registration discount code is not used, the one-day discount will be forfeited.

Hotel Reservation and Travel Expenses:

All arrangements and travel related expenses to attend are the sole responsibility of the presenter(s).


If you have questions about the submission process, please contact EarlyYearsAdmin.


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