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Join Us for the Early Years '18 Conference in Boise, Idaho

Our biennial conference provides members of Idaho's early childhood learning communities access to current research, evaluative techniques, and best practices that benefit children birth to age eight. This event attracts the highest caliber of presenters whose expertise covers key and emerging issues related to strengthening and supporting families within unique and diverse populations.

The Early Years Conference promotes networking and strengthening of early childhood partnerships, programs and systems building initiatives at community, regional and state levels as well as the benefits of early intervention services to best support Idaho's children and families. Additionally, the Early Years Conference registration includes a backpack, notebook/pen, mini four port, magnetic clip, breakfast, and lunch.


Wednesday, October 24

Thursday, October 25 

7:30-8:30  Registration/Breakfast  7:30-8:30  Registration/Breakfast 
8:30-9:00  Welcome/Announcements  8:30-8:45  Welcome/Announcements 
9:00-10:15  Keynote: Dr. Dana Suskind,Thirty Million Words 8:45-10:00 Keynote: Dr. Walter Gilliam, Preschool Expulsion and Implicit Biases in Early Childhood Settings 
10:15-10:30  Break/Visit Vendors  10:00-10:15  Break/Visit Vendors 
10:30-12:00  Workshop A  10:15-11:45  Workshop D 
12:00-12:15 Break/Visit Vendors  11:45 -12:00 Break/Visit Vendors 
12:15-1:30  Lunch: Opioid Drug Crisis Discussion 12:00-1:15  Lunch: Hope Conquers ACE's 
1:30-1:45  Break/Visit Vendors  1:15-1:30   Break/Visit Vendors 
1:45-3:15  Workshop B  1:30-2:30  Workshop 
3:15-3:30  Break/Visit Vendors  2:30-2:45   Break/Visit Vendors 
3:30-5:00  Workshop C  2:45-3:45  State of Idaho's Young Children Panel
5:30-7:00 Higher Education Panel 3:45-4:45  CapNote


Early Years Goals:

  • To promote networking and strengthen early childhood partnerships, programs and systems building initiatives at community, regional and state levels;
  • To promote the benefits of early prevention and intervention, and enhance the quality of early childhood education services in Idaho;
  • To strengthen and support families and the unique and diverse populations within Idaho communities.

Early Years Tracks:

Workshop topics address one of five conference tracks and explore “what’s new and what’s working” to help children ages birth to eight and families.

  • Building Family Strengths: Identifies and supports the unique and specialized needs of children and their families.
  • Health/Safety and Well-Being: Emphasizes the importance of supporting and nurturing young children, including safety issues, child abuse and neglect, prevention, and intervention.
  • Early Care and Learning: Focuses on early child development, research, and educational practices that enable infants and young children to reach their maximum potential.
  • Program/Professional Development: Highlights program models and best-practices to enhance professional work with young children and families.
  • Infant/Early Child Mental Health: Centers on the social and emotional development of children from birth through age five and their families, including key issues, relationships, risks, and best-practice interventions.

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