Health Insurance: Your Health Idaho Agents/Brokers

In this section, agents and brokers can find training and services so they can help Idahoans purchase insurance on the Idaho insurance exchange (Your Health Idaho). 


DHW partners with Your Health Idaho (YHI) and insurance brokers to help Idahoans get and keep health insurance coverage. It is DHW's role to determine eligibility for Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC), cost sharing, and Medicaid. The department also manages/updates reported changes, such as the following:

  • Address change
  • Tax filing status
  • Correcting social security number, date of birth, or name
  • Income changes
  • Tribal change
  • Adding/removing dependents (marriage, divorce, adoption, new born, dependent turns 26, turning 65, death, etc.)
  • Loss or gain of coverage (employer/government)

YHI and insurance brokers complete other crucial tasks to help Idahoans get and stay insured.

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APTC Change form for agents
Submit this form only if your customer expects changes to their annual taxable income, tax filing household, or health insurance coverage (excluding coverage purchased through Your Health Idaho).