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Find opioid prescribing resources to integrate into workflows and clinical settings.

Clinic resources

Stigma reduction

Help reduce stigma. For people with substance use disorders, stigma can reduce motivation to seek help and increase likelihood treatment drop-out. 

Learn more at the National Institute of Health website.

Instead of…



Drug addict

Person with substance use disorder (SUD)

“Person-first language” recognizes a person has a problem, rather than is the problem. Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing.

Drug user/ abuser

Person who uses/ injects drugs

Recovery from substance use disorder is possible. Help is available.

Habit Substance Use Disorder

“Habit” suggests a person using drugs is doing so by choice and can choose when to stop.

Drug seeking Person's needs are not being met

The second phrase identifies people who currently do not have effective pain management options.