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December 10, 2016

Impacts of Suicide in Idaho

Idaho continually ranks in the top ten states for number of completed suicides per capita. In 2013, Idaho ranked 7th in the nation for suicides per capita and 6th in the nation for youth suicide.

Idaho has consistently ranked as one of the top ten states for suicide as the leading cause of death. Since 2003 suicide has been the eighth or ninth leading cause of death for Idahoans within the state. Additionally, suicide ranks as high as the third and fourth leading cause of death in Idaho depending on which populations are being reviewed. Regardless of any specific population group, the impact of suicides in Idaho extends well beyond the suicide victims. Typically, at least 20 friends and family members are seriously impacted by each suicide, often becoming at-risk for suicide themselves.

Idaho Vital Statistics Suicide Report, 2009-2013

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