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Update to STD Treatment Guidelines - Oral Cephalosporins No Longer a Recommended Treatment for Gonococcal Infections - August 2012 - CDC

Get the naked truth about STDs in Idaho at a website for young people. If you have questions, contact the CDC National STD/HIV/AIDS Hotline at 1 800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).

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Partner Therapy

All partners of patients who test positive for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea should be treated as if they are infected. If a physician takes responsibility to ensure partner treatment, the provider should examine and treat all of the persons the patient had sex with in the 60 days prior to the date the patient was tested.

If this is not possible, patients may be given medication to give to their sex partners. This is called Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT). More information about EPT, including the efficacy of EPT, can be found at the CDC's website

EPT was recently legalized in Idaho. The prescribing legislation, House Bill 503, passed both houses of the Idaho Legislature with no opposition and will soon become law.

You may also help your patients, who test positive for STD, to notify their partners by referring them to At this website, clients can send a confidential email to their partners, notifying them of exposure. The website also has information about where to get tested, how to talk to your partners and how to prevent STDs and HIV.