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December 18, 2018

Food Protection Program

Do you have questions about the certified food protection manager requirement? Please choose the option below that best matches your role at your establishment for more information.

Supervisor or Manager: Supervisory authority that may supervise one or multiple locations. Responsible for training employees and might not be present during all hours of operation.

Person in Charge (PIC): Demonstrates detailed knowledge of food safety. At least one PIC must be present during all hours of food service and preparation.


The Food Protection Program establishes the standards, interpretations and guidelines for uniform regulation of food safety for food establishments.

Our goal is to assure that food from regulated facilities is safe to eat. For questions regarding training or additional resources, call (208)334-5938.

The responsibility for licensing, inspecting and enforcement of regulations is delegated to the state’s seven health districts. For specific information about food establishment permits and contact information for your local health district, please click the appropriate county from the map below.