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HIV, STD, & Hepatitis Programs

New! Sexual Violence Victimization and Health in Idaho Factsheet. It contains information about who is at risk and what health conditions are associated with victimization.

Let's Talk about Sexual Health
 is a 5 minute video to help you talk to your healthcare provider or partner about sexual health.

The simplest and most reliable way to prevent HIV, an unplanned pregnancy or getting an STD is to make sure you’re prepared. Here's how:

1 – Learn more. By reading this web site, or the Naked Truth website, you’ve already taken a great first step to educate yourself.  The naked truth, an educational website dealing with sex, STD and HIV, can help you know when the time is right, so you're prepared to have a healthy sexual experience. You can also have a confidential conversation with your health care provider and get tested to be sure you don’t have an STD or HIV. 

2 – Don't have sex; not vaginal, not oral and not anal. This is the only sure fire way not to get pregnant or an STD or HIV

3- Limit your sexual partners. Have sex with only one partner, who knows they have tested negative for STD / HIV and agrees to only have sex with you.

4 - Use a latex condom. Also known as “smart sex,” using latex condoms correctly every time you have sex greatly reduces the risk of getting pregnant or an STD or HIV. Learn more about condoms 

5– Don't use or share injection drug equipment. HIV, Hepatitis and syphilis are spread through contact with infected blood and if you're loaded you can't always make good decisions.  

6 – Ladies: Don't Douche - Douching can increase your risk of getting an STD, or if you have an STD, it can increase the chances you'll have serious complications.

If you have unprotected sex, no matter what, talk to your health care provider and get tested.

    If you think you have an STD or HIV:  

    Call your local public health department or community health clinic

    Call your family doctor

    If you are young, talk to your mom or dad, or another adult you trust

    You may also access this site via

For more detailed information about STD and HIV and safe sex check out the Naked Truth website   

To access the Idaho Naked Truth Facebook page click here.

Last updated 3/26/2013    

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