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Environmental Testing

Idaho Bureau of Laboratories (IBL) analyzes environmental samples for chemical and microbiological contamination. Contact the Chemistry Section Manager with questions.

  • The Idaho Groundwater Interactive Map can help you determine what to test for. The interactive map represents statewide ground water monitoring data collected by the Idaho Department of Water Resources from 2012 to 2016. 

  • The well log database from the Idaho Department of Water Resources provides information about your specific domestic well.

  • Educational materials available from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare help you learn about common water contaminants and when to test for them. 

IBL maintains strict guidelines regarding receipt and processing of samples. Some samples may be submitted by the public while others are accepted only from state agencies, district health departments, or law enforcement agencies.

Before submitting a sample, please consult the Bureau's Sampling and Submission Guide which provides a listing of tests performed at IBL and information on sample collection and handling procedures. Proper submission forms must accompany samples.  Call 208-334-2235 with questions about sample submission to IBL.

Submission Forms Below:

Idaho Bureau of Laboratories (IBL) offers free lead testing in drinking water for Idaho's public schools. Consult the Sampling and Submission Guide (Lead in Drinking Water--Public Schools) prior to sample submission.

Sample Collection and Submission

Resources for Lead in Drinking Water in Schools

Contact Information

Chemistry Section Manager:
     Ernie Bader
     (208) 334-0590
     (208) 334-4765 (fax) 
Organics and inorganics testing

Microbiology Section Manager:
     Robert Voermans
     (208) 334-0555
     (208) 334-4083 (fax)
Environmental microbiology testing

Emergency Activation Through StateComm, 1-800-632-8000

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