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State-only Licensed/Certified Programs

(Consumers' Page)

These programs consist of entities who are state licensed, or state certified, to provide care and services to a designated population.  In most cases, payment source is either private pay or Medicaid.  To help determine if/when care may be appropriate, and the type of care setting, please visit this web site Elder Care

Residential Care or Assisted Living:
Consumer and Provider information relating to care and services in residential care or assisted living facilities.

Certified Family Homes:
Consumer and Provider information relating to care and services in Certified Family Homes.

Developmental Disabilities Agencies (DDA) and Residential Habilitation Agencies (ResHab):
Consumers and Providers will find information on these pages to help participants receive quality services.  Additional information is also available relating to the Community Care Advisory Council.



Licensing & Certification:
(208) 364-1959
State-Only Programs:    

Certified Family Homes   

(208) 334-0711


(208) 364-1959

Children's Residential Licensing 

(208) 364-1900

Residential Care/Assisted Living

(208) 364-1962

State & Federal Programs:  

Bureau of Facility Standards-Administration
 (208) 334-6626
      Option 5 
Fire Life Safety & Construction
      Option 3
Nursing Homes       Option 2
All Other Provider Types       Option 4
 For all Licensing & Certification Programs:
 Mailing Address:            

<Program title>
PO Box 83720        
Boise, ID 83720-0009

 Physical Address:

3232 Elder Street
Boise ID 83705 


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