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April 28, 2017

Home Care

Adult Home and Community Based Aged and Disabled BrochureMedicaid provides several options for eligible people to receive the assistance and care they need in their communities.

People who are elderly or have a disability may need assistance to remain living in their homes, rather than moving to a nursing home or other institution.  Personal Care Services are medically-oriented tasks related to an individual's physical or functional needs.

Idaho has a Home and Community-Based Waiver to assist Idaho's elderly and physically disabled citizens to maintain self-sufficiency, individuality, independence, dignity, choice, and privacy in a cost-effective home-like setting. Costs for services provided through this waiver cannot be more than the cost of institutional care. Services for eligible people can be provided in a participant's home, in a certified family home, or in a residential or assisted living facility. This waiver provides eligible individuals the ability to choose and receive the care they need in the home or community rather than in an institution.

Idaho's Waivers

Idaho's waivers include:

  • Aged and Disabled Waiver: Allows a person to receive services in their home, rather than a skilled nursing facility;
  • Developmental Disabilities Waiver: Allows for increased flexibility and choices for enrollees who traditionally would receive services in an intermediate care facility;  

For more information about Personal Care Services or Home and Community-Based Waivers, contact your Regional Medicaid Office.