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April 25, 2018

Dental Services

Idaho Medicaid dental benefits are managed by MCNA Dental under the Idaho Smiles program.

Adults (21 and older) on the Medicaid Enhanced Plan, Pregnant Women, and Children, have full access to dental benefits with the exception of Root Canals and Crowns which are only covered for Children.

Adults (21 and older) on a Basic Medicaid plan qualify for limited dental services such as extractions and urgent dental care.  

If you need assistance locating an Idaho Smiles dentist in your area, or would like to check your coverage, please visit MCNA Dental or call Idaho Smiles at 1 (855) 233-6262.

Medicaid-Medicare Coordinated Plan

If you are a Medicaid-Medicare Coordinated Plan member, please call Blue Cross of Idaho at 1 (888) 495-2583 for your dental benefits. 


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