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Idaho Tobacco Project

It is a criminal offense to sell tobacco products in the State of Idaho without a tobacco permit.  In order to legally sell tobacco products to the public in Idaho, retailers must have an Idaho tobacco permit, issued by the Department of Health and Welfare's Idaho Tobacco Project.

Tobacco permits are issued free of charge and must be secured before beginning the sale of tobacco products to the public.  All tobacco permits expire on December 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed annually.

A tobacco product is any substance that contains tobacco including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, smoking tobacco, tobacco papers and smokeless tobacco.

How do I obtain a tobacco permit?

There are three ways to acquire/renew an Idaho Tobacco Permit:

Complete the application online on the Idaho Tobacco Project Website. In addition to applying for a new permit and renewing an existing permit, you can also view public reports, learn about tobacco inspections and learn about tobacco retailer training on this website.

  Submit a written request to the Idaho Tobacco Project to receive an application packet. The mailing address is Department of Health and Welfare, P.O. Box 83720, 3rd Floor, Boise, ID 83720-0036
  Call the Idaho Tobacco Project at 208-334-0642 and request a tobacco permit.  Your information will be taken over the phone and a hard copy of your permit will be printed and mailed out to your business.

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